Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept 26 - End of the Road (sort of)

The travels for 2012 have come to an end, but the work is just beginning!  There has been so much I've learned on this trip and I can't wait to get out again for the next Lines on the Road adventure.  I think I may have promised to do the Umpqua Plein Air again next year, heh!

I left home thinking I'd be doing one type of work and ended up doing that, expanding my skills in it, and also discovering two completely different ways of rendering a sketch that each has merit all on its own as a final product.  The illustration markers were great for what they were and for portability; their limitations started me thinking about trying watercolors again, but I also discovered some new and interesting ways to use them within their capacity.

My "office" while traveling consisted mainly of a tote filled with a new tablet of illustration ("marker") paper, 20 colored pencils, two india ink pens, about 30 illustration markers, and my beat-up point-and-shoot Canon camera.  I used up the tablet of paper, one of the india ink pens, and copious camera batteries during the trip and came back with watercolor paper, brushes, watercolor ink sticks, a bag of oil paints, a notebook full of ideas, a full sketchpad, a plan to hit the road again in October, and a serious desire to be back in my studio.

Will I do this trip again?  Definitely!

Do I know when I'll do it again?  Not a clue, but next year probably; same bat channel, same bat time.

Do I know what's next?  Yep: work, work, work.

I'll be tackling all the ideas, sketches, paintings, etc from here going forward--finished pieces will be posted here since they are still part of the LOTR project, but I'll spare you any contextual blathering (you may thank me at will).  Be on the look-out for a little bit of everything--colored pencil, watercolor, city icon illustrations, oil and acrylic abstracts, and even some fabric items.  They'll trickle in at first--I'm 5 weeks behind paying attention to the house and winter looms--but rest assured there's lots of art to come.

Until then, thanks for following along with the blog and hope to see you at the show . . . whenever that may be!  Heh.