Saturday, April 4, 2015

Long time, no see! Also, luggage tags!

Well hello there!  My apologies for seeming to disappear off this blog; I've been keeping things (sort of) up to date over on my own blog and facebook pages, so hopefully you've been checking in from time to time.

I guess the big question here is: When the heck am I going to do something about all that art I said I was going to do back in 2012?!  To which I can only say, Right now.

I have done a few things thus far, but not to the extent I thought I would.  That changes this month, starting with the Zazzle site Jose and I set up to hold all the goodies we wanted to plaster our art on to.  I've just cleared out the old and busted and will soon be putting up items based on the photos I took during my trip around the U.S: luggage tags, magnets, note cards, postcards, and possibly a few posters and wrapped canvas prints.

Did you stop listening at luggage tags?  

If you did, check out these little beauties (samples from LA and OH photos) and have your mind blown:

Admit it: you'd totally buy them.  Heck, buy a set--stocking stuffers!  

I'll be starting with Dayton, OH this month--stay tuned!